A downloadable game for Windows and Android

I wouldn't be able to develop for real VR if not for this rig, so I wanted to thank everyone who chipped in a little for parts.  Each painting represents someone who helped out.  (Except for Becky, she helped out tremendously with the garden and I wanted to make her something nice too)

Install instructions

Playing on Quest VR:
Download https://sidequestvr.com/ Side Quest and follow their setup directions.
Download the .apk file and install it via sidequest.  

The game will show up on your quest under "Unknown Sources".  

Playing on Steam VR:
Install Steam VR with the steam client.  

Download the .exe version of the game
Launch Steam VR
Launch the game.


ThankYou.apk 70 MB
Thank You VR Win.zip 73 MB

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